Online Education

Professional online courses for therapists, coaches, psychologist, ministers, & life coaches.

Affair Recovery

Couples can take the 7-Step Infidelity Recovery Course Online or with a Certified Professional.


IRI works in-conjunction with many affair recovery researchers & academics.

Support Group

A private Facebook affair recovery support group. No content appears on your FB feed.

Our Story

The Infidelity Recovery Institute began as a clinic in Las Vegas, Nevada. Now, the 7-Step Infidelity Recovery Program is taught online to therapists, clergy, counselors, and relationship coaches in several countries. Couples have found the Top Benefits of the 7-Step Program over traditional therapy include:

  • Deal directly with the affair 100%
  • Deal with the emotional impact of the affair 93%
  • Have excellent knowledge about Affairs 90%
  • Program v Therapy Drop-out Rate 7% V 87%
Savannah Ellis

Savannah Ellis

Founder, Teacher, & Coach

Savannah holds degrees in Clinical Psychology, and has business degrees including Master Business Administration (MBA) and a Doctor Business Administration (DBA).

Joe Whitcombe

Joe Whitcombe

Prepare Enrich Education

Joe Whitcomb is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Santa Monica, California; Co-author of Reboot your relationship; Facilitator of Prepare Enrich Programs.

Alan White

Alan White

Business & Technology

Alan White heads online Business Classes including the 6-Figure Coaching Business, & YouTube Marketing for Therapists & Coaches. Alan occasionally leads 1-Day workshops in Las Vegas.

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