Media Inquiries


Media Inquiries 

The Infidelity Recovery Institute provides advice on a board range of topics related to infidelity & affair recovery; affair recovery courses to couples;  certification training & courses for professionals; and a directory of affair recovery experts.

Infidelity Recovery Institute Founder Savannah Ellis is available to comment on popular news stories related to affairs, adultery, cheating, divorce, mental health, relationships, dating, and psychological wellbeing. Savannah can also comment on business & entrepreneurship articles related to SMEs, Coaching, Online Education, Female Entrepreneurship, Business Coaching, and Online Marketing.

Savannah has previously been interviewed by media outlets and publications such as Elle Magazine, Mother Love Radio (L.A.), APAC, Cosmopolitan, Elle, The Age,, The Sunday Telegraph, The Daily Telegraph,

The Infidelity Recovery Institute has many Certified Affair Recovery Experts from around the world, who have a broad range of coaching, counseling and psychotherapy experience.  We can connect you quickly with a member who can provide you with leading edge research and expert comments on any number of psychology issues. A number of our members have had media training and are skilled at speaking on radio and television.

Contact us for expert commentary on infidelity, psychology issues and relationships

If you are writing a story on an infidelity, mental health, or relationship issue and are seeking expert commentary, please contact us so that we may put you in touch with one of our experts.

You can contact us a number of ways:



Australia & International

Public Relations Manager – Tania Willett

TJW Public Relations


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