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The Infidelity Recovery Institute does allow Guest Posts on our website as long as the article is:

  • At least 300 words in length, but closer to 1000 is better.
  • Unique and not “spun” or simply reworded to sound unique.
  • Well written, we do not have time to edit poorly written Guest Posts.
  • Informative, telling me the same thing that every other article is not informative.
  • Most important of all, however, the article must be relevant to our audience, that means the article must relate to infidelity or relationships in some way.

We will not even consider content that does not meet these criteria.

What we will allow.

At 300 words, you can include 1 dofollow link within the article itself. If the article is longer than 1000 words, a second dofollow link will be allowed within the article. We do not limit nofollow links, but do be reasonable with them – it looks odd if every other word is a link.

Author Bio

We would prefer that you register as a Site User, and also submit a photo you would like on your bio.

We allow one dofollow link within the Author Bio. Please note that this is a “Site Wide” Author’s Bio that we will create for you with your help. Send a short bio about your site that you want included. The actual author will also have a brief bio at the end of the article in which no dofollow links will be allowed.


Write For Us

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