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With the increase in rates of infidelity amongst married couples, it’s easy to appreciate the situation some people are in when they suspect their partner of cheating on them. In fact, the sooner you are able to establish proof indicating innocence or guilt, the better.

Given the rate of technology and the benefit of new products on the market, it makes sense to make use of this technology and find out with a degree of certainty whether or not your partner is in fact cheating on you.

Gone are the days of having to eavesdrop in the next room, or go through their pockets to find evidence. These methods are useful, but inconclusive. Technology has introduced such marvels as:

Hidden cameras in everyday items such as:

  • Phones
  • Fans
  • Alarm clocks
  • Wall clocks
  • Pens
  • Lighters Buttons
  • Plants

Also included in the technological arsenal are:

  • Telephone recorders
  • Digital voice recorders
  • Portable lie detectors
  • Sim card data recorders

With these advanced gadgets and devices you are able to safely monitor phone calls and comings and goings in your house without you having to even be there.

Anticipation is the worst thing in the world, and you need to be able to prove conclusively whether or not your partner is cheating or not. I have found the best devices to help you do this, and at prices that are both reasonable and affordable. After all, what price can you put on knowing the truth?

Hidden Cameras

Hidden cameras can come in a variety of disguises nowadays, and you are able to choose from wired or wireless cameras. The benefit of this form of surveillance is that it is difficult to detect, and you are able to see clearly what is going on inside your home or office while you are away. If you are able to position the camera in an effective position you should be able to secure irrefutable proof of what your partner gets up to when you are not present.

There are a number of different types of different cameras you can use, and you should be able to find one to fit the surroundings you intend to use it in. These items range in price according to the size and quality of the product.

Alarm clocks, wall clocks, and air purifiers range from $130- $150 and are quite effective in being able to be placed just about anywhere without drawing undue attention. Smoke detectors, teddy bears, books, tissue boxes, and artificial plants all retail at around the $100 mark.

Camera pens, button cameras and other micro cameras that can be worn on the body range in price from $150, depending on the quality of the camera, and whether you choose black and white or color.


Telephone recorders

If your partner seems to be spending a disproportionate amount of time on the phone and often needs to leave the room to talk, you may have good reason for suspicion. This is especially true if you seem to be getting a lot of prank calls and it only seems to be happening when you answer the phone. If your partner is speaking in hushed tones and is speaking rapidly for your own peace of mind you need to find out who your partner is talking to, and why they need to leave the room when you are there.

Sometimes it’s not always possible to get the answers you need from the toll bill or caller ID. Sometimes you need more proof, and the only way to do so is to know what your partner was talking about.

Telephone recorders are able to record conversations without your partner being aware. One product I found is extremely useful, as it only starts recording when the receiver is lifted, and stops when the phone call ends. This recorder can be attached to any extension, so long as it is on the same line as the phone you want to record from. In this way, you will be able to attach the recorder to the extension in your bedroom, and listen to the conversation that is taking place in the living room or the phone in your kitchen. This even works for cordless phones, again if you attach the recorder to the line that the phone uses.

This unit can record up to 12 hours of phone conversation at a time. This unit is available for $195 and will pickup even the lightest voices.

Digital Voice Recorders

There may also be times when you need to be able to know what has gone on inside a room without the benefit of telephone recorders and cameras. In this instance it is beneficial if you are able to use a digital voice recorder.

Just like standard voice recorders, digital voice recorders are portable and are usually about the size of your hand. The benefit in this is that they don’t always capture a lot of attention, and the data recorded can be stored on your computer rather than on tape.

As long as you are able to place a voice recorder in an area of the room that will be able to capture a conversation, you will be able to determine what is being said, and will be able to capture the conversation and store it on your computer, safe from harm. Recent advances in the quality of digital recording have made the clarity much better and easier to listen to.


Sim Card Data recorder

Mobile phones have also made it easier for people to mask their conversations and hide things from their spouse. With the increase in cell phone usage, it is an effective tool for a cheating spouse to have. They are able to have conversations almost anywhere, safe from being overheard, and safe from being detected on the phone bill at home.

People’s entire lives can be contained on their cell phones, and its not unusual for partners to have no idea who half of the contacts are on their partner’s phone.

There is a quick and easy way to remedy this. The sim card data recorder enables you to get your partner’s cell phone sim and download it onto a recorder. This way you are able to identify who they have in their phone, and recognize numbers that are habitually showing up on the phone bill at home as well. This handy device retails for around $10 and is invaluable for identifying contacts in your partner’s “other life”

Semen detection kit

If you have a stain on an item of clothing or something that you are suspicious about, you can test for the presence of semen. This may be particularly useful for testing stains on car seats or underwear.

This test comes in test strips, and gives results almost instantly. If the test comes back positive, the strip turns purple. These tests are used by forensic scientists, and are guaranteed to be accurate. They are both easy to use and deliver results that are accurate and fast.

There are a number of different types of test available, but I would recommend the following:


What to avoid.

When making the most of new technology to monitor your partner’s behavior, you need to be careful to avoid detection, and avoid spending money on items that will deliver little in the way of results. There are a myriad of listening devices and cameras available on the market, and you need to exercise some caution when buying these.

When considering what types of surveillance to use, you need to exercise some restraint and consider what quality of product you really need. A lot of surveillance products are designed for businesses and are designed to be used indefinitely for monitoring staff movements and productivity.

You may not need the latest and clearest camera to identify your spouse in your bedroom with their lover. You may only need a lower grade camera that costs considerably less.

The point I’m trying to make here is that you need to weigh the cost versus the result. If you only intend on having a hidden camera in a room for a few months, it may not be necessary to have it in full color with a high resolution unless you feel it is really necessary. Likewise, every  situation of infidelity is different, and some surveillance procedures may work better than others. The key here is to tailor a solution to your particular need, and then find the technology to assist you in finding the truth, be it innocence or guilt.

I would consider the listening guns and body-mounted micro cameras a waste of money. They are expensive technology, and you are able to get results without using either of these methods.

Of course it’s up to you how much money you want to spend, but I would encourage you first spend some time examining your spouse’s habits.

  • What time of day do you suspect your partner is cheating?
  • Where do you suspect they may be meeting their lover?
  • Do you think they speak to them on their cell phone?
  • Do you think they talk on the phone at home?
  • Do you think they meet at your home while you are out?

Any of these questions can influence your decision on what type of equipment to use, and where to place it. You may be able to install surveillance equipment at your partner’s place of work, the car, or your home.

If you are considering purchasing this type of equipment, I would encourage you to avoid using your joint credit card to purchase these goods. It would show up on the statement and betray your intentions almost immediately. If you are able, I would encourage you to use a friend’s credit card so it doesn’t show up on your statement. Just make sure they tell their partner about it!

Keep it Hidden

When you are doing this type of surveillance, it is better that as few people know about it as possible. You don’t want to let your partner know that you have reason to distrust them, and you certainly don’t want your partner to know you are recording their conversations or movements. If you are installing equipment, you may need some help to  install it in a fashion that makes it difficult to detect. You may or may not need some outside help with this, but you will need to make sure it is a time that your partner isn’t likely to be around.

You need to remember that your motivation is love. If you truly didn’t trust your partner, you may have left them already. But if you are the type of person that needs evidence before they give up on their marriage, then you need to remember that it is your love for your partner that is motivating you, not the need for revenge.

Until you know of their guilt with absolute certainty, you need to presume their innocence. The worst outcome would be if you accused them of being unfaithful and you turned out to be wrong. Such accusations can cause irreparable damage to a marriage. However, the fact that you have taken your suspicions of infidelity as far as this would indicate you have some serious problems anyway.

Despite this, the fewer people that know about it, the better. If fewer people are aware that you are spying on your partner, the less chance there is of your partner inadvertently finding out from a third party.



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