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What Our Students Are Saying

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“Taking the Infidelity Recovery Coaching Program has given me the expert knowledge and insight I need to put in my toolbox to assist the couples who decided to stay but just don’t know how. I am trained as a Marriage and Family Therapist, but this program gave me more detail on how to deal with affairs instead of just knowledge about them. This is going to be a big enhancement for my Practice and the clients I serve.”


Renelle E. Nelson

LMFT, Kaleidoscope Services

“This training is outstanding. The manuals make the process easy to follow and provide case studies and exercises to model. You’re passion and enthusiasm in the course materials make it great. I love how much detail you provide with each step.”

Dan Klatt

Executive Life Consultant, Healthy Relationships

“As an Certified Infidelity Recovery Coach, I am able to be more a more effective Relationship Coach. I am now also regularly interviewed by local TV and media, and getting known as the expert in my local area. The training helped me understand infidelity, and how I can better help my clients work through the challenges of affair recovery. Highly recommended course!” Amanda Harrigan

Relationship Coach , Emotive Health

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the 7 Step Infidelity Recovery Method?
The 7 Step Method is a unique, step by step system to help a couple process their emotions after infidelity.
Why are there different 7-Step courses?


The 7-Step Infidelity Recovery Model is a fusion of therapy, coaching and consulting – and assumes the student is comfortable in helping people through traumatic life situations. The course content is written to suit the needs of the student:

The 7-Step Infidelity Recovery Program for Professionals

Mental health professionals and counselors have had years of education in psychology, and of studying various treatment methods. The 7-Step Program should be considered essential continuous education. The course content can be modified for therapists and counselors, who can add the 7-Step program with  their own therapy style/method.

The 7-Step Infidelity Recovery Program for Coaches

From Relationship Coaches to lawyers, the 7-Step Program has been a popular addition to their practice. Addition training includes discussion on attachment style theory; monogamy; personality types; and works on the coaches own biases and challenges. The coaching program includes detailed “How to” implement each step with video case studies. A 90 Day implementation plan helps the coach kick start the 7-Step program.

What is the Course Outline?

The 7-Step Infidelity Recovery Program for Professionals

  • Introduction
    • Overview
      • The 7 Step Model
      • The 7 Types of Affairs
    • Coaching/Therapy/Consulting
    • Background of 7-Step Method
  • The 7-Step Infidelity Recovery Model 
    • Intake
    • The 7 Steps 
      • Commitment
      • Affair Story
      • Personal healing
      • Sex & Intimacy
      • Emotional Needs
      • Forgiveness
      • Moving Forward
    • The 7 Types of Affairs 
      • Review of each affair Type
        • One Night Stand
        • Avoidance Affairs
          • Conflict avoidance
          • Sexual avoidance
        • Philanderer
        • Entitlement Affairs
        • Exit Affairs
        • Split Self Affairs
        • Sexual Addiction Affairs
      • Comparisons
      • Modifying the treatment program to affair type
    • Implementation
      • Pulling it all together
        • Sales & Marketing Funnel
      • Suggested 12 session program
      • Selling the model as a program
    • Business Skills
      • The 7 habits of successful Infidelity Recovery Therapists
      • The entrepreneurial mindset
      • The seven stages of practice building
      • Essential skills
      • Listening skills
      • Avoid these pitfalls
    • Wrapping Up
What are the additional skills & lessons?

Additional Techniques & Methods taught in this course

You have access to all this content, plus templates, tools, forms, and marketing help in your student Toolkit.

          • Monologues
          • Marriage expectations
          • Communication –
            • Gottman’s – 4 Horsemen
            • Gary Smalley – Breaking the argument cycle
          • Conflict
          • Relationship Love Maps/Quizzes
          • Intimacy
          • Trust
          • Relationship Moving Forward Contract
            • Money
            • Genogram
          • Coach Specific personal improvement
            • Pre session personal preparation
            • Intake Checklist for coaches
          • Medical Movies
            • medical-movies
            • Movie Therapy Questions
            • Movie Therapy_Role Play
          • Business Building Tips
                    • HOW_TO_CHARGE_FOR_COACHING
What additional fees are payable for use of branding?
Once you have paid for your course no further fees are payable. You can use any of our logos, templates, worksheets, tools, forms, workbooks etc when you are Certified and registered with IRI.

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