7 Step Infidelity Recovery Certification Course


The Infidelity Recovery Method® Certification Training

Helping a couple through the process of affair recovery is difficult for most therapists. The 7-Step Infidelity Recovery Method helps alleviate this issue by offering the couple a 7- step “coaching style” program.

Each step aims to answer and treat, specific affair related questions and personal injuries. At the same time, the couple is provided skill base training in many areas, so to change the conditions of current relationship environment. By providing the individual the skills they need to have a positive and loving relationship during the affair recovery process – the individual is able to feel hope for a more loving and emotionally connected future relationship.

The course offers an understanding into seven specific types of affairs, and how your treatment program should differ based on the type of affair. You are also provided a 12-Session Affair Recovery Program to implement the 7-step infidelity recovery method into your current practice.

The 7-Step Infidelity Recovery Method has two training programs – a short-track guide for therapists, and a Certification program for coaches.

Downloadable course information guide – Infidelity Coach Course Information Booklet


Course Rationale: 

The infidelity recovery program was developed for several reasons:

  1. “To save the fabric of society” – With the divorce rates at an extremely high level, we as therapists and coaches need to take ownership of our ability to help couples stay together, and save the relationship after betrayal. Today, it is too easy to divorce, and for those families who have children, we see the children following parents footsteps into infidelity in their own relationships, or many face the inability to hold stable relationships.
  2. Provide a step-by-step method for therapist and coaches to guide a couple through affair recovery.
  3. To educate couples on how to have a loving relationship. The seven step infidelity recovery program is designed to change the conditions in the relationship environment, so by the end of the program the couple has a new relationship skill set.

The 7-Step Infidelity Recovery course exists, as there was no method to help the therapist treat the issues relating to the infidelity. Research indicates the majority of couples facing infidelity either do not consider counselling as a recovery option, or they do not believe in therapy. The result for the couple is divorce or ignoring the relationship challenges and living in misery.

Current marriage counseling methods such as the popular CBT method, is not suitable for marriage counseling (CBT is excellent for individual therapy when treating specific issues). Emotional Focused Therapy (EFT) is the best option outside of the IRI 7-Step Infidelity Recovery Method. EFT is limited in that it does not specifically look at affair specific challenges, nor the type of affair. Without dealing directly with the affair specific issues in therapy, the reasons why the affair happened in the first place will plague the relationship in the future.

The 7-Step Infidelity Recovery Program by its very nature of being a “coaching program” -keeps a couple together for as long as possible after the discovery of infidelity. Knee-jerk reactions to one discovering their partners’ affair result in “quickie” divorces and nasty separations. It is the aftermath of affair discovery which causes long term psychological injuries for all involved, and their immediate family.

Time and again, we have found that couples who remain together throughout the 7-Step Infidelity Recovery Program, are able to find a mutually satisfactory path forward. Furthermore, couples who complete the aftercare program have a stronger bond than pre-affair.


Course Aims and Outcomes: 

By course completion, the student will be able to:

  • Understand Affair Types
    • Assign an affair type to the infidelity
    • Understand the effect an affair type has on the current relationship, and future relationship.
    • Create a treatment program around the affair type
    • Understand the individual needs (of the unfaithful spouse and the betrayed spouse), both short term and long term, based on affair type.
  • Understand the key issues in affair recovery for long term mental health benefits
  • Use the 7-Step Infidelity Recovery Program to guide the Affair Recovery journey.
  • Use “coaching” as a method, alongside of therapy methods
  • Use experiential teaching/homework methods with couples
  • Expand your therapy practice into new areas – For example: you will learn how to expand your current practice with offering “Online therapy”, as you are now “coaching”.
  • Build a referral network to your practice
  • Use a 90 Day Marketing Plan to introduce the 7-Step Infidelity Recovery Program into their community


Specific Learning Outcomes:

The course provides training in each area:

The 7-Steps of Affair Recovery

  1. Commitment
  2. Affair Story
  3. Personal healing
  4. Sex & Intimacy
  5. Emotional Needs
  6. Forgiveness
  7. Moving Forward

The 7 Types of Affairs

  1. One Night Stand
  2. Avoidance Affairs
    1. Conflict avoidance
    2. Sexual avoidance
  3. Philanderer
  4. Entitlement Affairs
  5. Exit Affairs
  6. Split Self Affairs
  7. Sexual Addiction Affairs


Format and Procedures: 

The course lessons and workbook can be accessed immediately upon successful enrollment. The Course Workbook is what we work through in each lesson. The lessons have supporting materials including videos, audio recordings, workbooks, tools, and client exercises – listed under the appropriate lesson title.


Course Requirements: 

  1. Class attendance and participation policy:
    • You do not have to participate in any optional online lesson, workgroup, Facebook group, or discussion. You are welcome to follow any course content or discussion without participation, although your knowledge and expertise would always be welcome.
  1. Course readings:

(a) Required text:

 No required Textbook. This course will provide you with a 500 page workbook.

(b) Background readings:

The course will provide you articles and research papers to support each lesson.

  1. Assignments:
  • No assignments are given in this course.
  • For Certification, you will need to complete TWO case studies.

Grading Procedures:

For certification, you will need to complete TWO case studies. The case studies will be reviewed within two weeks and you will be contacted to discuss any further training or clarification you may require.

Once this is complete, and you feel comfortable with your skills and ability, you will be listed on the IRI Directory Website – as a Certified Infidelity Recovery Specialist.


Exclusivity Statement

We understand that our members represent a rich variety of backgrounds and perspectives. The 7-Step Infidelity Recovery program is committed to providing an atmosphere for learning that respects diversity.

While working together to build this community we ask all members to:

  • share their unique experiences, values and beliefs
  • be open to the views of others
  • honor the uniqueness of their colleagues
  • appreciate the opportunity that we have to learn from each other in this community
  • value each other’s opinions and communicate in a respectful manner
  • keep confidential discussions that the community has of a personal (or professional) nature
  • use this opportunity together to discuss ways in which we can create an inclusive environment in this course and across the IRI community


Program Outline

The 7 Step Infidelity Recovery Certification Course is a self paced online program, supported by regular workshops, Facebook Group, and interaction with teachers.

We suggest you follow the suggested course outline listed below, however you are welcome to work through the program at your own pace.

The program outline will differ depending on your course.

The 7-Step Infidelity Recovery Program for Professionals

Mental health professionals and counselors have had years of education in psychology, and of studying various treatment methods. The 7-Step Program should be considered essential continuous education. The course content can be modified for therapists and counselors, who can add the 7-Step program with  their own therapy style/method.

More Information – You will be taken to our training website IRI-TRAINING


The 7-Step Infidelity Recovery Program for Coaches

From Relationship Coaches to those new to the coaching industry. The 7-Step Infidelity Recovery Coaching Program is an exciting new career opportunity or an additional skill to an existing coaching career. The program for coaches provides many additional bonus options and additions to help coaches and people from different backgrounds understand the world of human behavior. Additional lessons are available in business management, marketing, sales funnels, internet marketing, with new content added frequently from seminars we attend  – (We pay the $10,000++ fee to attend and take the notes – You get the benefit of the notes and the time.) The coaching program is great value.

More Information – You will be taken to our training website IRI-TRAINING



  • Dr. Savannah Ellis
  • Skype: savannahsb

Office Hours:

  • Meetings by appointment.
  • Virtual Office Hours: Mon – Fri 9am to 12pm USA PST


  • Certified Infidelity Recovery Specialist
  • Certified Infidelity Recovery Coach

How do I enroll?

Enrolling in the course is as easy as following these 3 simple steps:

1. Click our “Enroll Now” button below and register your details on our training website “IRI-TRAINING”
2. Choose your preferred payment option through Paypal. Note: We offer 6 month payment plans.
3. Start the program! (You can start the program at anytime and it is a self paced course)




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