Men who cheat

Men who cheat

As a clinical psychologist who has focused almost solely on affair recovery, I write this section of the website to help you understand your unfaithful partner. By sharing this information I hope that you can build more meaningful relationships, but also to put some closure to this painful event and be able to move forward in your own life.

How many husbands actually cheat?

It is truly impossible to give you an exact number. Us psychologists and therapists in the business, review the same statistics as you, and the results spread widely, suggesting from 22 to 70% husbands cheat on their wives. This would mean 38 to 53 million men in the USA have cheated on their wife.

It also means that one in three couples is affected by infidelity.

How can I make this information relevant to my case?

I have spent years researching infidelity, personality types, why people cheat, how people stay monogamous, why people get cheat in the first place, the effect of infidelity on children, and so on.

And then there is you. The reasons why you stay in this relationship, what you have contributed to this relationship; and even why you got together in the first place. We will not go into depth on this website , but you will have to look at who you are now and be able to ask yourself, ” Am I the person I want to be today?  Do I like me?” In the seven step in fidelity recovery program, the coach or therapist, works with the individual to help answer these questions.

Affair recovery is not just about recovering the relationship. It’s about recovering you as an individual.

So take this information and use it to empower you in your desire to have the marriage you want.

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