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Best Sellng Affair Recovery Course For MEN

Real Solutions For Rescuing Your Relationship From Breakup Or Divorce.

It is possible to get back to that strong and happy point, but it takes the right advice.

* Discover the most common mistakes that can cause nearly all relationships to break up. Learn what these are and how to avoid them.

* Learn powerful techniques to ensure your partner listens, so that you feel appreciated and valued.

* Discover what YOU can do to fix the relationship – even if your partner doesn’t want to.

* Learn and apply mind blowing strategies for handling your relationship conflicts in a more constructive and less emotionally stressful way!

These are just a few hints of what author Rachel Rider has outlined in her course, accompanied by bonuses including bonus ebook ‘Repair After Separation,’ and a bonus interview with Center for Life Management’s Dr Rob Bilton, and LMC Relationship Center’s Melody Chase!


Super Bonus # 1

‘Is Your Relationship Worth Saving’

Interview with relationship experts Dr Rob Bilton and Melody Chase

relationship worth savingDr. Rob and his partner Melody know what it takes to create a great relationship. Dr. Rob is a counselor and director of the Center for Life Management, and he runs his own relationship coaching center based on principles that he developed himself.

Melody is a counselor at the LMC Relationship Center, and she’s primarily known for her work with the “Counselor in a Box” and “Love by Design” systems.

Melody and Dr. Rob’s relationship coaching philosophy is unlike any other; they’ve tested and refined their methods through 15 years of working with real-life couples with a range of relationship issues.

In this exclusive bonus you are going to discover their secrets, from years of relationship experience, on what what every couple MUST know in order to develop a happy and long lasting relationship

Super Bonus # 2

repair after separation‘Repair After Separation Ebook’

In this exclusive ebook bonus you will learn how to maximize the chances of reconciliation after separation.

Whether it was you who moved out for one reason or the other or whether it was your partner, these days you find yourself alone, angry, confused and possibly even depressed.

Getting your partner back has been weighing heavily on your mind. However there are still things you can do – to evaluate whether reconciliation is still a viable option and to take control of yourself and your situation, as well as to create an environment where your partner will WANT to come back.

If you are separated or about to separate from your partner after a volatile situation, ‘Repair After Separation’ is specifically written for you.


In a few moments you could be implementing proven relationship techniques to your fractured relationship, and be on the way to restoring it to a stronger and more committed partnership, stronger than ever before.

But you have to get it now.guarantee

Your NO RISK 60 Day Instant Money Back Guarantee

Thats right, all the risk is on me. I am so confident that you are going to love my Relationship Recovery course and all the free bonuses, that I am allowing you 60 days to go over all the techniques and read all the secrets in the entire course, AND start putting them into practice.


This course provides instant access to quality information, at an extremely affordable price. IRI always recommends the use of multiple methods to save your relationship.

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