He Has to Confess Something and It Isn’t Good

He Has to Confess Something and It Isn’t Good


The clue:

He draws in his lips. “When a man has to get something off his chest, his mouth will tense up and he’ll press his lips together as if he can’t decide whether he should open his mouth and unload the bad news,” Wood says.

Your move:

When an inquiry sounds sincere, it can relax a suspect—er, man—into making a confession. Say something like, “You look upset. Anything you want to tell me?”

No matter what, maintain a poker face, even if what he says upsets you.

‘The best way to get information from a guy is to keep a neutral expression while he speaks so he won’t change his story based on your reaction,” Haltzman says.


A person trying to explain their way out of a situation by lying will be acting defensively, and thinking very quickly to come up with a plausible story that you will believe. In doing so, they may inadvertently give away clues that they are lying. They may include:

  • Changes in the pitch of their voice, either lower and slower, or higher and faster
  • Changes in the speed of their speech
  • Constant denial of accusations
  • Attempting to distract you by interrupting your conversation
  • Unusual choice of words or sentence structure
  • Stalling the conversation with pauses, and “um”, “you know”, and “well…”
  • Emphasizing the word “not” when talking

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