60 Therapist/Coach Practice Forms

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Save yourself time and money with the ultimate clinical forms package. This affordable kit has all you need to run a successful practice without the stress of trying to find or create the RIGHT form. Don’t waste 100s of professional hours in creating forms or worse, searching for forms and finding the “perfect form” only to find out you have to pay for that form on download.

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If you want to pride yourself in providing quality care, then look no further. Our clinical forms are a comprehensive collection of forms that will ensure efficiency, and accurate record keeping.

State legislation, Medicare Conditions Of Participation and Accreditation Rules requires certain forms to fill out and records to be kept, and so, this is an important part of your Health Care business. These forms will help keep you compliant.

Just as importantly, it also ensures your patient’s continuity of care, making sure accurate and detailed records are kept.

Again, as with all our documents, they can be customized to you requirements, as they are provided in a MS Word format

Quality-Guarantee150We are so confident about the quality of these tried & tested Quality-Guarantee 60 materials, that if your not completely satisfied then you can send it back to us for a full refund.



Package Includes:

Most Essential – Initial Forms                                

  1. Office Policies & General Information, Agreement for Psychotherapy Services or Informed Consent for Psychotherapy
  1. Biographical Information – Intake Form (4 pages)
  2. Biographical Information – Intake Form, (electronic version)
  3. Biographical Information (1 page)
  4. Initial Assessment after the First Session

Addendums to Office Policies           

  1. Social Networking and Online Search Policies
  2. Dual (or Multiple) Relationships
  3. Phones or E-mail Therapy
  4. Treatment of Minors
  5. Group Therapy
  6. Touch in Therapy
  7. Home Office

13.       Bartering

Consents and Authorizations                                 

  1. Consent for Treatment of Minors & Others
  2. Consent to Use Touch in Psychotherapy
  3. Authorization Consenting to Release Information – pre-HIPAA
  4. Authorization to Release Information – HIPAA version
  5. Responsibility to Pay for Sessions
  6. Consent for a Visitor to a Session
  7. Permission to Record or Photograph Psychotherapy Session

21.       Consent to Record or Videotape Training Session

Termination Forms and Letters                             

  1. Termination Summary
  2. Discontinuation of Therapy Letter (Premature Termination Letter)
  3. Therapy is Terminated Due to Lack of Progress – Letter
  4. Therapy is Terminated Due to Adverse UR Decision – Letter
  5. Overdue Payment Letter


  1. Sample Bill/Invoice
  2. Super Bill
  3. Patient’s Ledger

Private Practice Management Forms                   

  1. Intern Evaluation
  2. Progress Notes (& SOAP)
  3. Phone Consultation Form
  4. Tax Deductible Expenses
  5. Confidentiality Statement, Employees
  6. Tracking Referral Source
  7. Marketing Plan, Outline
  8. FAX Cover Sheet
  9. E-mail Signature, Re: Confidentiality
  10. Outlines for a Letter Resigning from Managed Care Panels
  11. Number of Sessions-Update
  12.  Telehealth Disclosure

Treatment Plans                                                    

  1. Treatment Plan-Initial
  2. Update – Treatment Plan

Subpoena & Forensic Related Forms                    

  1. Responding to a Subpoena
  2. No Subpoena Agreement
  3. Request for Confidential Records
  4. Workers’ Compensation Medical-Legal Report
  5. Forensic Agreement & Fee Schedule– Expert Witness
  6. Affidavit of Merit
  7. Directive to Protect Mental Health Information
  8. Professional Will
  9. Personal Injury Doctor’s Lien

Clinical Related Forms                                         

  1. Obsessive/Compulsive/Drug Abuse Log
  2. Suicide Check List
  3. Suicide Contract

Therapist’s Self-assessment & Professional  Development

  1. Discover Your Vocation – Infusing Your Life with Joy
  2. Therapists: Explore Your Relationships to Money and Marketing
  3. Therapists’ Self-assessment for Treating Different Aspects of Life
  4.  Therapists’ Self-assessment for Clinical Skills


Don’t pay $495 anywhere else for these forms. IRI is owned and run by Industry professionals, with a desire to help other industry professionals. We keeps our costs to a minimum.




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