Affair Recovery Matters

Affairs should not equal the end of your relationship. Affairs occur alongside committed marriages and relationships. Affairs do not always indicate a problem with the marital relationship itself. Understanding the affair type will fast-track the affair recovery process.


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Moving Forward by Going Through

Everyone faces challenges when it comes to the dissolution of relationships. Feelings run high. Sensations of loss and instability plague even the most assured individuals. It takes more than a strong will, a blind eye or even a new relationship to help someone get to...

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Infidelity 101

Sometimes extramarital affairs occur alongside or within the context of a loving, committed marriage. Affairs do not always indicate a problem with the marital relationship.
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The Affair Type Quiz

IRI classifies infidelity into 7 Affair Types. Each affair type is very different. Only a person that cheated can understand their personal motives. You may find it challenging to align yourself to one of these affair types.
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Affair Types

The causes of infidelity are complex and varied. Affairs can occur in happy marriages as well as in troubled ones. Here we look at the various affair types and provide a basic treatment strategy for that affair type.
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Moving Forward

Answer all unanswered questions: complete disclosure. If you are not sure you can handle the answer to the question, do not ask it. Explicit sexual details may do more harm than good.
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Challenges to Monogamy

The safe guard, or insurance plan to many relationships is an invisible policy we call “Monogamy.” The monogamy insurance policy states that both people will be sexually exclusive to each other until “death do us part.” The importance of this invisible assurance is so strong, that each person builds their life around creating safety and security for each other, trusting the other is doing the same. From creating and raising of children, to building financial security, the belief is held in the monogamy insurance policy.
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Studies shows…


The #1 Place People Cheat - The Workplace


#2 - Cheating with the Best Friend


#3 - Cheating in Social Situations


#4 - Cheating with Fellow Church Members

For Couples

Courses for Couples

Looking for a “Self Study” affair recovery program? The 7-Step Infidelity Recovery Program is now available for DIY affair recovery.

Affair Recovery Kit

Download the affair recovery kit. Suitable for both men and women. Free instant download.

Facebook Affair Support Group

A true online support group for victims of infidelity to share their experiences, with each other.

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Become an Infidelity Recovery Coach® or Infidelity Recovery Therapist® and learn the 7-Step Infidelity Recovery Method.

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