The 7 Step Infidelity Recovery – Couples Course

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The 7 Step Infidelity Recovery Program for Couples

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The 7 Step Infidelity Recovery

Couples Course

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Course Description

The ULTIMATE Affair Recovery Coaching Program will teach you how to recover your relationship after an relationship infidelity, transform the quality of your relationships by understanding each others “Emotional Needs”, enhance your communication skills with proven techniques & how to effectively manage all negative emotions.

These video lessons are unscripted, and delivered to you, as if you were sitting in the counselors clinic.

You will work through the “7 Step Infidelity Recovery” Model as a couple – in your own home.

Therapists who are trained in the 7 Step Model charge couples between $2500 and $6000 to work through the 7 Step System in clinic.

The #1 Online Affair Recovery Course

“This is a fantastic alternative to traditional counseling. You are getting the same quality advice as if you were sitting with me, in my clinic. Plus, if you feel stuck or don’t feel motivated to keep fighting for the relationship, that is when you reach out and contact me for a quick power talk, so I can guide you through the Step. For most people, you just need that quick 5 minutes of support and encouragement to remember your “why” and keep on moving forward.” 

– Dr. Savannah Ellis

Step 1 - Commitment

STEP 1 – Commitment

  • Why commitment to affair recovery is important
  • The 3 Steps to Affair Recovery
  • The Letter to the Lover
  • Transparency
  • Quality Time
  • Communication RequirementsAffair story
  • The Affair Type


STEP 2 – Affair Story

  • What happened during the affair
  • Strategy to tell the truth
  • How much information to tellPersonal Healing
  • Why the affair happened
  • How to process the truth


STEP 3 – Personal Healing

  • Healing for the betrayed partner
  • Healing for the unfaithful partner
  • Healing for the family
  • Coping with Obsessions
  • Coping with guilt & shame
  • Depression – when to seek help
  • How to cope with Triggers
  • How to process anger



STEP 4 – Sex & Intimacy

  • When should you resume sex
  • How to start
  • What to do
  • Getting creative
  • Intimacy Monologues
  • Re-education on sex


Step 5 – Emotional NeedsEmotional Needs

  • What are emotional needs
  • How to meet emotional needs
  • What is a love bank
  • What are the 10 Most Important Emotional Needs



Step 6 – Forgiveness

  • When should you forgiveForgiveness
  • Why you can’t forgive
  • How to forgive


Step 7 – Moving Forward

  • Monogamy Education
  • Relationship Protection
  • Relationship Contract
  • Visualization


Plus much much more……….




What are the requirements?

  • The guiding lights of the program are “the three E’s”: Entertainment, Education, and Empowerment. You will be expected to complete activities throughout this course in order to progress to the next section.

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Over 83 lectures and 8 hours of content!
  • Determine the Affair Type specific to their relationship trauma
  • Understand why the affair occured
  • Stop triggers and obessive thoughts
  • Understanding each others most important emotional needs and have a plan to meet each others emotional needs
  • Have a safe and transparent relationship
  • Begin a fresh sex life in an environment of intimacy
  • Continue with the rituals and routines to ensure both people feel loved
  • Fully understand what happened in the affair.
  • Prevent future infidelity by understanding how couples stay monogamous

Who is the target audience?

  • Any couple who needs affair recovery advice.

This course is not:

  • A substitute for affair recovery counseling with a certified infidelity recovery specialist


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