In previous years, men were more likely to cheat than women. They say “What a man can do, a woman can do better” and this was to apply only to positive things. Unfortunately, it has been applied in cheating as the percentage of cheating women has tripled over time. Why did this happen? As women became more exposed, educated and financially independent, they began acting more like men in cheating.

The society tends to judge a cheating woman but justify a cheating man. This attitude has made some women to secretly cheat instead of expressing their feelings of dissatisfaction in their relationship with their partners. In today’s article, we would be discussing some of the reasons why women cheat.

1) Lack of attention:

Everyone loves to be listened and attended to. Giving our partner the utmost attention they need is very vital in every relationship. Lack of attention causes loneliness and bitterness which in turn lead to depression. A depressed woman is weak and vulnerable. She might start looking for friendship, love, and attention from outsiders and that’s where the cheating sets in. For some women, the guilt of the cheating experience haunts them thereby leaving them more depressed than they were before.

2) Lack of intimacy:

“Intimacy is a process whereby we feel truly seen, known by and connected to our partner Jennifer Kogan.

Marriage ought to bind two bodies and souls into one. That’s the intimacy. As a husband, if you prefer to be more intimate with your mum or siblings more than you are to your wife, you create an avenue for her to cheat. Don’t be too blind to notice when she needs you to kiss and hold her tight. When she needs you to discuss your plans, dreams, and worries. These make her feel connected to you. Besides the sexual connection, every woman needs to feel emotionally and spiritually connected to her partner.

3) Unforgiveness:

A man came to my office the other day and was heartbroken because he had caught his wife pants down with some stranger. He told me that he had already given up on their marriage and needed a divorce. On questioning, I discovered that he was guilty of the same crime his wife committed.

So I was like “Why are you feeling so bad that she cheated since you had cheated severally?” He was just searching for words to justify his actions and according to him; his wife’s infidelity was totally unacceptable. When I spoke with the wife, she narrated that she had cheated because she found it difficult to forgive her husband’s series of infidelity. Cheating was a sort of revenge for his actions. “I decided to hurt him the same way he hurts me each time he spends the night with other women,” she said.

Cheating in revenge to your partner’s infidelity isn’t the best solution. Yes! He would get hurt, but have you thought about how he might see you after you guys had reconciled? You might end up losing all the trust in the relationship.

4) Unsatisfactory sex:

A nymphomaniac who had been exposed to different sex styles might become unsatisfied if her partner offers her a non-interesting sex. Some women would share with their partner the sexual acts they really want but others would hide their feelings because they don’t want to be seen as a sex maniac.

Have you heard of ladies that got married as virgins but thereafter became cheats? In this case, they felt since the hymen had been broken in marriage, it’s time they explored their sexuality with multiple partners. As a guy, you shouldn’t always assume that you are giving her a satisfactory sex. Sometimes, you should ask her what sex style she needs you to do often.

5) Financial constraints:

Life is not a bed of roses where one can easily get everything one needs. Sometimes, a woman’s financial constraints might make her do what she hates. If as her partner, you are unable to fend for all her needs, she might decide to exchange sex for money with a fella who has got more than enough to pay for sex. She might do this while in love with you, so does that make her a whore? Hell No!! You know everyone has got bills to pay.

6) Family and Friends:

When her friends and family are not in support of her relationship with you, they would coerce her into cheating with a new guy. At first, she might overcome the temptation but if it continues, she might give in especially when the new guy is a better option.

7) I just want to be silly:

Ladies usually experience mood swings. One of such is having the feelings to do something silly. She might decide to get down with a stranger just to know how it feels to have a one night stand. Low self-esteem can make her do crazy stuff just to boost her self-confidence.

8) Love

Some people meet the true love of their life after being married to someone else. It could be so frustrating to be glued by marriage to one person and glued by love to another. It happened to a client. The lady he married was in love with someone else. She had accepted to marry him because she lost contact with the love of her life. A year after her wedding, her lover returned from another country and found out that she was already married. Well, she cheated on her husband with him and finally left to marry her lover.

Women are imperfect and it would be wrong to expect a perfect relationship with them. Your “perfect” partner might disappoint you unexpectedly. Yes! A guy found out that he wasn’t the biological father of the two kids he had with his wife. He was shocked because he trusted her so much and could vouch that she wasn’t seeing any other man. He gave her all the love, care and attention so why exactly did she cheat? Sorry bro, shit happens.

Whenever your partner cheats, forgive and don’t give up on her. Every woman deserves another chance. In order to fix your relationship, you need to truly be prepared to understand and analyze her reasons for cheating. Taking someone back after an affair doesn’t mean you are weak instead it shows how strong you are to forgive and let your love overshadow your partner’s mistakes and weaknesses.

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