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7 Step Infidelity Recovery Tools

These are a few of the 100s of tools used within the 7 Step Infidelity Recovery Program. Infidelity Recovery Specialists will provide you a variety of tools to help you in your affair recovery – based on the type of affair.

Affair Recovery Tools & Resources

Couples Tools & Exercises

Marriage builders provides great advice and resources for Christian couples to heal from infidelity. Dr Harvey’s reports are excellent to understand emotional needs.

The Emotional Needs Defined

Recreational Activity Assessment



Financial Support Survey

The Emotional Needs questionnaire



Life Coaching Tools

If you are feeling stuck after a relationship trauma, you can use the help of Life Coaching Tools for motivation and inspiration. Remember to try a new tool or strategy for at least 21 days before you make a decision on the effectiveness.

The Life Coach Tools provided below are free to use – curiosity of IRI Life Coaching.

Tools for Therapists & Coaches

Prepare Enrich Facilitators Resources








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