Friday 21 July – dubbed Frisky Friday – is the peak day for affairs this year, according to a dating website created a specifically for those seeking illicit sex.

This date is the time when most cheaters will be meeting up with their mistresses and lovers behind their partner’s backs. Frisky Friday represents the last chance adulterers have to see their lovers before schools across the country finish.

Illicit Encounters, a dating website in the UK for married people, has seen a 20 per cent increase in site activity in the first two week’s of the month, and 45 per cent in the third. I guess they would know! It’s predicting a 65 per cent rise on Frisky Friday – the busiest single day of the year for affairs.

The site also surveyed 300 of its members and found that 75 per cent were planning on staying in touch with their lovers while abroad, 20 per cent plan on meeting up with them shortly after they return home and five per cent are planning to meet while they’re on holiday.

Christian Grant, a spokesperson for Illicit Encounters, said: “While many of us long for the summer – the longer evenings, clear skies and generally upbeat atmosphere – the hidden truth is that it’s the season that’s ripe for adultery.”

For adulterers who are already in long-term affairs, the summer poses a different problem. Their children are home from school, and with a summer holiday on the horizon, meeting up with their mistress becomes tricky,” he said. “So, the final week of the summer term sees adulterers meet up for what could be one last fling before September comes around.”

The video above offers interesting scientific reasons as to why people may cheat. While these scientific facts maybe interesting, they do not provide an excuse for infidelity in a monogamous marriage. As humans, we have the ability to think about the consequences of our actions. We can also talk to our partner about our needs. And should all else fail, we can also choose to divorce rather than betray our committed partner.


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