Author: Dr. Monica Watts

There isn’t a mystical pill that will “settle it and overlook it.” Indeed, a marriage recovery is more like a dedicated brain fitness routine, In this way, you have to get into healthy relationship rituals as opposed to any quick fix convenient solution. A strong relationship recovery starts with a strong Brain fitness  holistic approach ” Whole Organic” You’ll strengthen your mind to address issues when it decays in which everything will appear like a major ordeal regardless of the possibility that the current issue is minor.

That is the reason you have to routinely evaluate the relationship and become subconsciously aware to perceive how your relationship is functioning. It’s a smart thought to start excerise mindfull practices such as a journal and practice affirmations. Scientists say that we only use 10% of our minds. Think about what I just said. We use only 10% of our minds! We are wasting the other 90%. Think of it this way….what if we only used 10% of our salary? Could we survive on 10% of our salary? No way, unless your Bill Gates. What about eating only 10% of the food we make? Wouldn’t that be a waste of food? What if we slept only 10% of 8 hours or 80 minutes a day? Could we survive? What if we had only 10% of the oxygen that was available? Could we survive? The answer to all these questions is a resounding NO!


As you reflect daily in a suggested journal, note the energy and/or  the interactions with your partner. In the event that you are unsatisfied, The first step in changing your relationship is to start brain training making impressions on your subconscious mind. You can do this by meditatng on  how you could have taken care of it differently and make sense of what you can do to adjust it tomorrow as well as programing your brain with certain thoughts and affirmations. For example, surving infidielty recovery repeat these words “I am Forgiving because I am Forgivien or We are perfect love NOT Perfect people”. Repeat these words several times a day. It’s best to religiouly pratice in morning when you get up and right before you sleep. This is when your mind is in an alpha state. When workig out relationship affirmations, make sure you really mean them and focus on the words. Don’t feel it’s a chore or else it will not do you any good. You can also say them while meditating.


Relationship affirmations can work for any issue Make sure the affirmations are positive and not stating the negative. For example, if you want more romance don’t say “I want forplay”. Instead say “Our hearts are pure and healthy and I am open to every touch from my lover.” “I am” are two of the most powerful words in the English language.


Also, it’s very important to think positively, don’t say to yourself, “I’m just not romantic” Think the opposite, “I am touch, bliss and sensetive to my partner desires & touch ”. If you have trouble believing yourself when you say them then change them to become more believable. You can start small or say “I am becoming more intunative to my parnter and/or romantic .”


Issues that Can and Can’t be Fixed


Ritual mindful routines improves the mind  ability to pick battles is recognizing which will need attention or will be wasted energy, therefore can enable you to decide the strategy you should take.


The five issues that couples tend to quarrel over are cash, sex, children, family and companions, and extra time. These are ordinary themes that can be settled when you grow great relational and brain power abilities. In the event that you are inspired to influence the marriage to work, you’ll discover approaches to trade off.


If you need help with a problem or are in a situation where you have to make a tough decision and don’t know which is the best for you. Ask your subconscious mind for help. Let’s say you are contemplating  an issue You may say something like “Infinite wisdom of my subconscious mind, I ask for your help in deciding what is best between ___________, I ask for your help and guidance in making a decision that is best for our relationship.”

Be still and listen to your subconscious mind. Close your eyes if need be and do not force anything to come to you but just be still and listen. If the answer doesn’t come right away, that’s ok. It’s probably searching for the answer and it may take a little bit of time. But, I assure you, the answer will come…..maybe the next day or next week. You just need to be alert and self aware. The answer may come from something outside of you, perhaps after you wake up. You may be clear in your thoughts on what to do. You may read or hear something that may enlighten you on what to do. You may receive your answer by seeking professional or spirtual counseling and they may say something that may help you decide. Just be patient and do not get frustrated and think too much about it. By doing so, you are delaying the answer form coming to you.



Dr. Monica Watts
Certified Brain  Fitness and Cognitive Group Therapist and Wellness / Health Educator

Dr.Monica Watts, DS.c
Psychology Today
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