In previous years, people got married having a mindset of staying together with their partners till death. Marital vows were respected and feared. This made cheating and divorce to be minimal. But in recent times, most people marry with a mindset of walking away any moment. Such people have little or no respect for their marital vows that is why it’s easier for them to cheat. Is it always wrong to cheat? I believe you just said ‘Yes!’ but the answer could still be a “No!” 

In order to get an acceptable answer, I took a review from those who had cheated on their partners. I asked them questions like;

  1.  How did it happen?
  2.  How did your partner react when they found out you were cheating?
  3.  How were you able to move on after an affair?
  4.  Can you say the experience was worth it?

Let’s see some of their responses.

How did it happen?

I cheated on my girlfriend with a colleague of mine. She was hot and readily available. Besides, we spent long hours at work together so seeing her hot body at every turn made me get down with her not like I loved her.”  

                                                                              -Felix, 24

“It all started when my wife employed a young female to work as our baby’s nanny. When she arrived she looked poor and haggard but after spending some time living with us , I realized that she was actually beautiful. I can’t tell why I developed feelings for her. It just happened and I seduced her into sleeping with me. Initially she was scared but I assured her that we were never gonna get caught. That was a lie”

                                                                               –Brain, 45

I cheated on my ex boyfriend and I think it was worth it. Yea! I did it because he was also cheating. I had to look for someone better and  when I found him, I broke up with my ex.”

                                                                                – Fiona, 20

How did your partners react when they found out you were cheating?

 “When Brittany walked in and caught me pants down with another woman, she was speechless. She couldn’t believe what she saw. I saw tears dropped down her eyes while she walked away. She was heart broken “

                                                                                 –Micheal, 30

“My wife had warned me never to cheat or else she would blow off my head. On several occasions she suspected my moves and confronted me but I denied cheating. When she finally caught me making out with my secretary she almost blew off my skull. I had begged to save my breath.”

                                                                                 –Lionel, 49

“He trusted me so much but somehow I disappointed him. He was a very nice and calm boyfriend and that was his only fault. I needed a bad guy and when I cheated with one, he left me without saying bye. “

                                                                                  -Kimberly, 18

“She attempted suicide when she found out I was cheating. I was damn scared when I was called and told she had been rushed to the hospital due to drug overdose she took. “

                                                                                  –Lindsey, 22

 “Mila packed out of the house and the next time I heard from her was when the divorce papers were sent “

                                                                                  -Fabian, 39

How were you able to move on after the affair?

“For me, I lost the love of my life from the day she found out about my affair. After she left, the house became so quiet and I missed her greatly. I pleaded but it was too late as she had already moved on. I regretted my mistakes and wished I could turn back the hands of time. When I finally realized it was truly over, I picked up my broken self and moved on”    

                                                                                   -Micheal, 30

“The first few days after the incident, he was ignoring me. Later on, he said he had forgiven me but we became strangers living in the same room. The communication and love making ceased. I missed who he was before the incident . ”    

                                                                                   –Kimberly, 18

Can you say the experience was worth it?

“Yes!  It was because it helped me to meet someone better. My ex wasn’t giving me the attention I needed. He got to know my worth after I had cheated and left him “

                                                                                     -Fiona, 20

“ It wasn’t because I lost my relationship with my baby momma and seeing my kids became damn difficult “

                                                                                    -Micheal, 30

“I think It was because I learnt a hard lesson from it. I got to know that;  I am imperfect, weak and could make silly mistakes, but I shouldn’t let my weaknesses outweigh my strengths.”

                                                                                    -Felix, 24

What’s next after cheating?

After a cheating episode few persons actually confessed that the experience was worth it as it helped them meet someone new who satisfied some of their needs that were being ignored by their partners. But a majority acknowledged that cheating was a huge mistake especially when the consequences they faced thereafter was greater than they had imagined.

One of the aftermath of cheating is dealing with guilty conscience. Yes ! You cheated and the thoughts of the experience are haunting you. Get over it and move on. When you apologize to your partner, do it sincerely. Don’t apologize and then do it again. If you are forgiven and accepted back, fine. Otherwise, you will just have to wait till you find someone new. While you’re waiting you can build up your ability to control your feelings from straying. This is because no one enjoys having an unfaithful partner.

Would you mind sharing your cheating experience with us? If you don’t, kindly let us know in the comment box if cheating is a commendable act or not. We would love to read your experience.

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